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Parker 11C70168 High Pressure Fittings Fittings - 70 Series - 11C70 Series - Parker Store Nigeria

11C70168 High Pressure Fittings

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11C70168 High Pressure  Fittings 70 series are permanent, crimp style hydraulic fittings that allow a quick assembly with our family of Parkrimp crimpers. Assembly of No-Skive hose and fittings does not require removal of the outer cover of the hose. This eliminates premature hydraulic hose failure caused by skiving too long or short. 

  • Features / Benefits:
    Matched hose and fitting system guarantee an approved and safe combination and the highest quality and safety combined with the longest service life of the final product to the end-users.
  • 11C70168 High Pressure Fittings   technology offers the easiest and most efficient and safe production process to the assemblers.
  • Applications
  • 11C70168 High Pressure Fittings technology can be applied to all construction machine equipment.
  • 11c70168 High Pressure Fittings can also be applied to Agriculture and Forestry Equipments.

Parker 11C70168 High Pressure Parkrimp No-Skive Fittings - 70 Series is available at Parker Store Nigeria. We have various sizes of 11C70168 High Pressure Fittings

 Port Type Female Metric S - Swivel - (24° Cone with O-Ring)
Hose I.D (Size) -6
Female Metric S - Swivel - (24° Cone with O-Ring)
Port Size -12
Shape 90° Elbow
Hose I.D (DN) 10
Hose I.D (Inch) 3/8
Hose I.D (mm) 9.5
Connection Type


Port Size




Connection Thread Size (Inch)


Connection Thread Size (mm)




5 25.21
11C70168 6 25.42
11C702010 10 35.69

Parker 11C70168 High Pressure Fittings