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01020600 Brass Compression connection Elbow 900 tube ( 0102 06 00) - Parker Store Nigeria

01020600 Brass Compression connection

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Parker 01020600 Brass Compression connection is a  "universal" fittings provide users with numerous connection options for a wide variety of tube materials without the need for tube threading or soldering. The 01020600 Brass Compression connection Elbow 90 degree tube is Available from 4 to 28 mm o.d.   

This range guarantees excellent long-term sealing and performance.


  • Simple to Install and Use
  • 01020600 Brass Compression connection is suitable for pneumatic and medium-pressure hydraulic applications
  •  Compatible with many industrial fluids
  •  Large product range: 22 configurations
  • 01020600 Brass Compression connection has excellent sealing due to the tightening of the olive onto the tube
  • 01020600 Brass Compression connection has metallic sealing  and guarantees the maximum service life
  • High strength brass for increased mechanical reliability
  • Wide Variety of Tubing
  • Connection of different types of tubing and hose: metal, polymer, steel, rubber, etc.
  • Multiple tube diameters can be connected using the Parker Legris reducer assembly system
  • No insert required for rigid and semi-rigid polyamide tubing below 14 mm


Compatible Fluids

Water, machining oil, fuel, hydraulic oil, compressed air, chemical fluids, disinfectant

Working  Pressure

Vacuum to 550 bar

Working  Temperature

-40°C to +250°C

SHAPE Elbow 900 tube
Weight 0.027
Quantity 10

Nut/ Sleeve Material


Pneumatics, Cooling, Automotive Process, Lubrication, Fluid Transmission, Packaging, Industrial Machinery


01020600 Brass Compression connection is available on Parker Store Nigeria