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Parker Pneumatic Cylinder P1D Series -P1D-S063MS-0100 - Parker Store Nigeria

Pneumatic Cylinder P1D Series -P1D-S063MS-0100

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Pneumatic Cylinder P1D Series -P1D-S063MS-0100. Parker Pneumatic Profile Cylinder 63mm Bore, 100mm Stroke,  Parker P1D - Standard Series ISO Cylinders are suitable for medium-duty operation, incorporate a magnetic piston as standard, and do not require lubricating for operation.

The Pneumatic Cylinder P1D Series -P1D-S063MS-0100 - Standard ISO Cylinders are double-acting, offer adjustable end cushioning, and range in bore size from 32mm to 125mm.

 All Pneumatic Profile Cylinder  P1D Series -P1D-S063MS-0100 - Standard Series Cylinders incorporate a self-lubricating HDPE scraper ring and piston rod seal that enables for dry operation during applications where the grease film on the piston rod is regularly washed off. The Pneumatic Profile Cylinder  P1D Series -P1D-S063MS-0100 - Standard Cylinders are manufactured and supplied with an initial non-toxic, food industry approved transparent grease, that is free from PTFE and silicone.

Technical specifications Pneumatic Cylinder P1D Series -P1D-S063MS-0100 

Medium Compressed air, filtered, lubricated, or non-lubricated
Operating Temperature Range: 10 bar max.
Ambient Temperature Range: -20°C to +70°C max.
End covers Zinc die-cast
Barrel Hard anodised aluminium
Piston Stainless steel (303S31)
Tie rods Zinc plated steel
Seals Polyurethane

Pneumatic Cylinder P1D Series -P1D-S063MS-0100