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Parker Pneumatic Cylinder P1A Series - P1A-S012DS-0010- Parker Store Nigeria

Pneumatic Cylinder P1A Series - P1A-S012DS-0010

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Pneumatic Cylinder P1A Series - P1A-S012DS-0010, The Parker Pneumatic Cylinder P1A Series, Double Acting - P1A-S012DS-0010 P1A range of cylinders is intended for use in a wide range of applications. The cylinders are particularly suitable for lighter duties in the packaging, food and textile industries. Pneumatic Cylinder P1A Series - P1A-S012DS-0010Hygienic design, the use of corrosion-resistant materials and initial lubrication with our food-grade grease makes the cylinders suitable for food industry applications.

Pneumatic Cylinder  P1A Series - P1A-S012DS-0010

Length  : 109mm
Maximum Operating Pressure:  10 bar
Rods:  Single
Manufacturer Series:  P1A
Width:  17.8mm
Stroke:  10mm
Brand:  Parker
Dimensions:  109 x 17.8 x 17.8mm
Bore:  12mm
Port Connection:  M5
Minimum Operating Temperature:  -20°C
Maximum Operating Temperature:  +80°C
Action: Double
Cushioning Type:  Buffer
Height:  17.8mm


Pneumatic Cylinder P1A Series - P1A-S012DS-0010